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As a Chicago-based independent consultancy, Path Digital Services & Consulting delivers custom, results-oriented SEO & other digital consulting services, specializing in WordPress, Squarespace, Shopify and BigCommerce.


Whether you’re a small businesses looking to boost visibility in local search, or a growing e-commerce store that requires a multifaceted approach to grow organic brand visibility, clicks and sales, I can help! Each service package for new clients is tailored to your specific platform and website situation, based on an understanding of how Google actually responds to specific tactics in 2018, and utilizes apps/plugins to streamline implementation. Have an profile? We can do a test project that way. Questions? Drop me a line via email (below) or Contact Form.

Nate's Background

As an independent consultant, my career focus has been on all things SEO the past 5+ years — technical, local, offsite, onsite, WordPress, e-commerce — coming from a digital strategy & content background prior to that. My ideal client to work with is one that’s actively involved in making the world and their local community a better place to live. I have been operating independently since 2015, and have an M.A. from DePaul University (2009). For more, please see my LinkedIn profile.


You can also find recent SEO work here in case-study format. Want to know more about me or my consulting approach? Find me on social media and let’s connect:


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