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Nate Holman

As a Chicago-based independent consultancy, Path Digital Services & Consulting delivers custom, results-oriented SEO & other digital consulting services, specializing in WordPress and e-commerce platforms.


Each service package includes full-service SEO consulting, implementation and digital strategies designed to both drive and sustain your organization’s growth and positive impact. All services are contracted per-package or -project. (Have an profile? We can do a test project through Upwork, too.) For more on Nate’s background and bio, please see my LinkedIn page, or if any questions just drop me a line via email (below) or Contact Form.


My career focus has been on all things SEO the past 5+ years — technical, local, offsite, onsite, WordPress, e-commerce — coming from a digital strategy & content background prior to that. I thrive on the day-to-day challenges and hard-earned rewards of this field, love working with businesses actively involved in making the world and their local communities better places to live, and have been operating independently since 2015. I have an M.A. from DePaul University (2009).


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