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What makes the perfect ad? Two advertising myths debunked

What makes a perfect ad? In a 2013 post on the psychology behind ad and digital copywriting, I elaborated on a fundamentally different appeal that traditional ads (print, radio, TV) make to “captive” audiences, versus content & copy for digital experiences – where by nature we participate in the medium rather than being subject to it. On […]

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“Start something new”

I recently came across a page I really liked (read: nerded out on) and wanted to share here: Not only is the concept cool and different – marrying artistic inspiration with Apple products – but I liked that the “preview” copy held my attention even though it wasn’t a traditional intro in terms of length. It’s breaking the rules just a […]

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Advertising strategy: “tell me what I want”

What is it about a certain ad message that resonates and stays with us? Is it a feeling of being assailed – by Old Spice’s clever (and now-trademark) use of the bizzare, for example? Is advertising’s appeal in its ability to “arrest the human intelligence long enough to get money from it,” as the quote […]

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