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5 copywriting tips for better SEO & UX

Why you should know the rules, and then break them. (Sometimes.) Despite the overwhelming ubiquity in digital copywriting – everyone wants good SEO – there’s no magic formula to original, share-worthy content. The numbered-list format, for example, only works if you understand WHY your audience is drawn to click: a promise of usefulness in the post/article itself. What I want to […]

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Button blindness: the dreaded Learn More

(Or, why you should avoid bland CTAs and button copy.) In some side work I’m currently doing involving content management & strategy, I’m on the hunt for ways to reach new “untapped” audiences. This article content we’re working with lives in the digital media world, however, where any sort of promotional messaging that might dilute the integrity of the […]

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“Start something new”

I recently came across a page I really liked (read: nerded out on) and wanted to share here: Not only is the concept cool and different – marrying artistic inspiration with Apple products – but I liked that the “preview” copy held my attention even though it wasn’t a traditional intro in terms of length. It’s breaking the rules just a […]

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