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What I’ve learned by starting a digital consulting business

I’ve just launched a new consultancy website, Path Digital Services, as of February 2018. This post explores on-the-job learnings in the past few years of SEO for agencies and small business clients alike. After a year and change as an independent digital consultant based in Chicago, a few years prior to that as a hired […]

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E-commerce content marketing (it matters)

There’s a reason why quality content — Optimized, Fresh, Factual (or trusted/authoritative), Engaging, and Relevant content — comes up as an SEO recommendation consistently in my own work as an SEO consultant as well as across the web, including sources like Search Engine Land and Kissmetrics. O.F.F.E.R., for short. Yes, that might be a made-up acronym 🙂 But it’s not arbitrary: as hard as it is to quantitatively […]

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WordPress SSL: the Easy HTTP to HTTPS Guide

Let’s look at an SEO topic that’s gotten increased coverage in the last six months due to a Google update in how Chrome displays the address bar: the HTTP to HTTPS site migration. If you’re in the digital world at all yourself, this isn’t new — but I’ve found surprisingly little in the way of a clear, […]

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Site speed + more technical SEO pitfalls

With today’s web filled with non-optimized sites and short-sighted design, all you have to do is click around, or tap on your smartphone, to find examples of sites that don’t load optimally and aren’t designed for a great user experience. But users (your existing and future customers) still demand a LOT. It’s the Internet’s fault. We want instant gratification […]

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Do keywords still matter to SEO?

While the direct significance of keywords to SEO has dwindled in comparison to other signals that stress user experience thanks to the 2013 Google Hummingbird update, keyword research is still such a critical step 1 for just about any on-page, site architecture, or marketing SEO project. Sure, keywords aren’t as sexy as newer SEO topics. […]

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Authority and social media: what is #socialsayso?

When you consider social media adding a “dimension” to traditional branding & promotional mediums, people and companies today have more power to not just inform and market themselves – but interact in ways we didn’t have power to before. It’s obvious, right? As an American consumer, you can’t escape the hashtag onslaught across digital and T.V. (About every other ad was #tagging during […]

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