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Are breadcrumbs good for SEO?

So just how important are breadcrumbs to search optimization, anyway? Whether or not you actually think about them at all as a user, you probably know this much: • Navigation: They can be an important navigational aid, depending on the site type (I’ll sometimes use them when shopping on large sites like Amazon). Although I […]

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Is interaction design just for designers?

Ok, so if you got to this point, you’re maybe interested in interaction design and what it’s all about for converting users and customers. What does interaction design mean, then? Well… here’s pretty much the easiest way for me as a user to find out: Interaction design at work — 3 (easy) steps 1) I go to […]

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When — and when not — to use target=”_blank”

Ah, to open a link in a new tab or not… that is the question. Sure, might not be the type of critical life question you find yourself faced with regularly (fortunately) but it’s a good one for us in the digital space to examine – whether you’re a UX or an SEO person, content strategist/manager, […]

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Button blindness: the dreaded Learn More

(Or, why you should avoid bland CTAs and button copy.) In some side work I’m currently doing involving content management & strategy, I’m on the hunt for ways to reach new “untapped” audiences. This article content we’re working with lives in the digital media world, however, where any sort of promotional messaging that might dilute the integrity of the […]

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