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A Path to SEO Success

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Why Hire a Consultant?

Whether you’re a smaller to midsize business, start-up, or agency, Path Digital Consulting & Services can help you grow!


As an independently operating consultant, my SEO, e-commerce, digital strategy and content marketing experience and efficient package approach offer growing businesses & agencies affordable digital services — all customized around your (or your client’s) site’s unique situation and intended to get you the absolute most out of your SEO investment — and we can get started today.


What’s SEO consulting, exactly?

Take a look at this SEO consulting job description from; it helps to break down various job duties and how SEO consulting can fit your business. I’d distinguish a consultant from a freelancer in that a SEO consulting approach is top-to-bottom and gives you onsite/offsite auditing, strategy and technical diagnosis for sustained organic performance improvements… whereas an SEO freelancer is more a “hired gun” that you’d hire ad-hoc for work you specify. (In some situations I’ll recommend a freelancer approach instead, or in addition to, my step-1 consulting & implementation package for new clients.)


Here’s how a smart, lean consultant approach can get you the best ROI.


Path Digital SEO & E-commerce Services

Path Digital offers packaged service pricing to new clients backed by my 12+ years’ experience in the digital space, including SEO, e-commerce (conversion rate) optimization, WordPress, analytics, email marketing, brand strategy, content marketing, UX, and digital & creative copywriting. I also work with select long-term clients on a retainer basis.


Have a SEO project need? My efficient consulting process (see FAQs below) has you covered. I can consult on and optimize any website — from small business WordPress sites to massive e-commerce site (keywords, content, links, structure, site performance/technical SEO, off-page SEO) — for rapid and sustainable search visibility, organic traffic improvement and online growth. That includes “migration SEO” to help you move from one platform or domain to another, too.


Questions? Please see Frequently Asked Questions below, or contact me here.

Q: What is “step 1” SEO? And are there other steps?

A: “Step 1” SEO is my way of referring to all the immediate onsite/offsite SEO priorities that I can contain in a single package. SEO involves an ongoing effort, but the heavy lifting is always at the beginning. From here, next steps can involve Search Console (search analytics) reporting, offsite SEO (directory submissions, for ex.), and more intensive onsite efforts (like around reviews/testimonials).


Q: When will I need your SEO consulting services again?

When I resubmit your site in Google upon completion of the package, the typical process is to wait 2-4 weeks, and we’ll see how Google is responding and how you are performing for your target search terms that we establish as part of the first package. I can propose a second round of follow-up work that could be done to build off that, and you can evaluate if it it’s worth further investment after a report on progress (within another 6-8 weeks). It’s all flexible around your budget.


Q: What are the goals/end results of your work, and how can I check it?

To establish organic performance goals, I provide keyword insights in my ‘Keyword Opportunity’ section of the SEO proposal (Google Docs) upfront – before we even get started, I offer you this valuable takeaway for your business at no cost. This allows you to see exactly what I expect to deliver as a result of the onsite/offsite work. Google Page 1 ranking for local (“geomodified”) search terms, for example, is a typical starting goal for local SEO efforts. Once the package is complete, I’ll follow up with a Search Console report before we decide to go further. More on my SEO process ❭


I think you’ll have a tough time finding a comparable service offering at the same price point! Need more reasons to hire me?


Three easy reasons to choose Path Digital

1) A lean, efficient consulting approach = why I consistently beat timeline and budget.
2) Results for my clients are proven and clear: smarter strategy and better content wins.
3) For small to medium sites, you won’t need any other strategic resources — see this Services page for what I can offer for long-term client relationships.


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