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Ethical SEO:

A strategic, scalable approach

offers you immediate results AND long-term growth.

What does it take to elevate your business above the competition in 2018?


My ethical SEO & SEM consulting services take your digital presence to the next level by setting you up for rapid AND sustainable online growth.


“Why is your approach better?”

Today’s SEO — ethical SEO — is all about your users. The real people interacting with your site. As search algorithms get more advanced, spammy blackhat tactics that “game the system” are becoming riskier, less effective and more outdated.


This means that Path Digital’s #1 recommendation is a quick, low commitment, “step-one” package to boost your site’s visibility and improve core value right away – diagnosing technical issues, addressing site structure & flow, performing keyword research & analysis, delivering engaging, keyword-optimized content – and then moving into project services targeting areas of opportunity we’ve uncovered, including link building, local SEO efforts and paid search campaign setup/ optimization (SEM) if applicable.


SEO Golden Rule: your users want great content.

Yes, content is still king. After all, what actually makes your website visible – and your brand shareable – to real people? Effective digital content does two very important things for your users:


1. It’s relevant. It fulfills the practical expectations of what I expect to see where, based on what I’m searching for (e.g., keywords).

2. It delights. It exceeds my emotional expectations in engaging me with an interesting, one-of-a-kind experience. At the very least I’ll remember and return to your site. If it’s truly unique, it’s “backlink-worthy”; as a user/reviewer I’ll spread the word (social shares, offsite links, mentions).


It’s no coincidence that content freshness, relevance and engagement all provide meaningful signals to Google. Whether you’ve got a standalone blog or an e-commerce shoe store, you can’t go anywhere without it.


“How do I know you’ll get results?”

Past experience, services offered, and client testimonials are all right here on my site! Take a look around, and feel free to reach out with questions. If you’re currently evaluating your options for an SEO project, please, don’t trust candidates who aren’t 100% transparent about A) what they include in their services, B) their past work, and C) client feedback.


There IS a right way to do this. Promising a Google page-1 ranking upfront (below) ain’t it.


Can other consultants or even agencies offer you this combination of digital strategy, content and marketing to take your SEO & SEM to the next level? If you find anyone else who can give you the complete package for the rate or bid I quote, let me know and I’ll beat their offer.


“Ok, so how do your SEO services work?”

Path Digital is set up so that any small business can afford these services: At a fraction of the rate that agencies charge, I offer you a bulletproof SEO implementation plan – including input you can put into use immediately – and then works within your budget using the most efficient, transparent process possible. Transparency is key. I want to show clients the work behind the results I deliver… not make my process impossible to understand.


I’ll even give you a quote (including hourly breakdown by task) on the specific SEO services you need for free. Here’s more on search optimization & marketing services provided.


“Can you get me better rankings on Google?”

I certainly can, and have consistently for websites of all types and sizes. But let’s start at the top. To use a common example, let’s say your #1 business goal is to increase e-commerce revenue:


If I find you on Google, land on your site to buy something and get a poor first impression (checkout flow is set up poorly, site structure is cumbersome or content is thin, for example), any SEO work you’ve had done to this point is essentially wasted. Why? Well, with a bad impression of your brand I’ll go directly to your competitors.


Improving search visibility and site experience involve separate efforts, but in 2018 they’re intertwined in just about every every way you can imagine. After all, how many chances does your website have to make an first impression?


The good news, however: thanks to search algorithm refinements, today a better Google ranking goes hand-in-hand with a better user experience. And that’s why…


Good for users = good for SEO

With a sustainable approach, the focus is on your target searchers first. That includes intuitive linking & site structure, as-needed technical SEO input, offsite credibility building, and engaging, relevant content that targets the focal keywords you should be ranking for… (In other words: make it easier for users to find and do what they’re there to do in the first place.)


Today’s SEO takes work. But by doing this the right way, you’ll ensure customers keep coming back time and time again to your site, not your competitors’.


“What about technical SEO – can you diagnose and fix site issues?”

Yes. Before we get to on-page optimization we’ll first want to check for any technical “roadblocks” – site or URL-specific issues limiting your indexability, for example. Additionally, here’s a Site Optimization Checklist to set up your site for success before I get started. Site performance, crawl and indexing checks included as part of “step 1.”


Path Digital services include WordPress optimization, and I can assist with your WordPress HTTPS migration as well.


“Why should I hire you instead of a larger agency (or cheap freelance labor)?”

The same reasons I got started doing this independently in the first place:


An extremely lean, efficient process. No bloat (and less overhead) = less time-suck. Let’s get started today!

Unlike agencies with significantly larger overhead costs, I’m flexible enough to take on projects both large and small, and will work to meet your budget and your schedule.

You’re hiring a dedicated consultant (rather than an agency with many, many clients to manage) – every minute of your investment counts! And the results for past clients shows that I can take that investment a long way in a short period of time.


Today’s SEO for successful businesses necessitates a solid understanding of current best practices, great content to distinguish your brand, and good old-fashioned hard work. And in 2018, you don’t need to pay agency $$ for that (OR shortchange your SEO investment with cheap labor).


NOTE: my services target small- to medium-sized websites. I do offer consulting for larger sites, but it turns out I’m not the best fit for your needs, I’ll tell you upfront and refer you to someone who can help.


Still with me? Great.

Use the quick Contact form to describe what you’re looking for (include specific business goal(s) if possible), and I’ll be in touch ASAP.

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