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Job seekers: know how to brand yourself

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While in the job hunt over the past few months, I’ve come to realize the value of “it isn’t what you say, but how you say it” – not just in the packaging of all I represent as a job seeker to potential employers – but in the aesthetics of my work.

It doesn’t mean that hiring value’s just skin-deep, of course. If you’re a writer (and SEO strategist) like me, content is still, after all, king. But as job seekers, our work needs to hold up to scrutiny in the same way that packages on supermarket shelves do to shoppers. What makes it different? What makes it better?

Think about how little time gets spent on evaluating a resume. There’s lots of individual “brands” out there, and a lot of job seekers. Create your own brand so that you stand out. But don’t force it. Your brand – the sum of you, the job seeker – should stand out on its own merits.

A couple ways I’ve found that deliver self-branding in how you present yourself and your professional skillset to an employment opportunity: word choice in resume (being effectively creative with headers, for example, or simply using more direct language), and, of course, a portfolio – which gives you a little more leeway to show who you are.

With no shortage of competitors in the job hunt, it’s important not just to sell yourself, but to brand yourself. Know how to effectively stand out!

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