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Outside the box: job roles in digital media

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In a previous post I talked about my current UX strategy work, and how some organic traffic challenges can prompt innovative thinking and perhaps even success – in my case, creating usable travel guides using archived travel article content (as old as 2009!) and the site Storify.

Today I wanted to look at the big picture. How could thinking “big picture” with a growth-oriented digital strategy help me become a better content writer, and vice versa? On the copywriting side, the innovation and creativity needed to sustain interest with a engaging tagline or other creative copywriting doesn’t just come out of thin air: it starts with effective strategy. And especially in digital, putting the content creator in a “writer” box doesn’t rule her or him out from happening to also be a strategist – as independent minded professional it’s easy to see that in the digital space, roles aren’t quite as stratified as in more traditional media. And you could argue it’s important to be both.

Because the dynamic nature of the web demands reexamination of what your audience seeks and expects, I’d argue that it also demands that digital writers understand the strategy, not just the content, that goes into making each user experience a satisfying one.

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