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UPDATES: freelance SEO work

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Lots of variety in the work I've done over the last couple months.
Freelancing’s a great way to pick up and sharpen a variety of skills in a short amount of time.

May of 2015 has been a busy month…

I recently updated my resume to reflect a freelance SEO gig I’m doing for Jigsaw – an agency based out of Milwaukee – and their healthcare client. I’m optimizing site content for natural search behaviors (e.g., improved navigation, H2s, strategically placed keywords) as well as working with a digital strategist from the Jigsaw team to make sure it’s structurally SEO-sound as well.

I also picked up a week’s worth of ad copywriting (and a little digital strategy) work last week for Chicago’s Plan B agency.

They were great to work for, and it was refreshing to be able to turn around a variety of projects very quickly. Like:

1) Creative concept/copy for a print mailer
2) Blank-page UX strategy, content layout and SEO-targeted & creative copy for a new product landing page
3) Print concept for a benefits brochure
4) Creative copy for a product ad
5) Script outline & speaker “prompt” copy for a video series on renewable energy

Here’s more of the SEO & UX work I’ve done recently. Thanks for reading!

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