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BigCommerce e-commerce SEO (8-9/18)

How I can prove that my SEO consulting approach works across platforms for ANY direct client situation.


Business: improve search visibility (impressions), keyword rankings, increase website visitors to 10k per month, increase conversion rate %
SEO: deliver “step 1” SEO proposal to give client a comprehensive view of search market opportunities, technical obstacles and priority onsite work
SEO: demonstrate the value of my consulting approach with the proposal scoping out priority SEO work as accurately as possible upfront — and then do platform implementation efficiently with my site audit deliverable itemizing/prioritizing onsite tasks

The Way Forward

July-August 2018: Seasonest is not in the easiest of search markets as an e-commerce food website, but they had a great brand and a ton of blog content and were building up search value and organic visibility this way. They also had a unique product niche as a spice & seasonings store that positioned them well for certain keywords that I was able to identify upfront in the SEO proposal (detailed Google Doc that I give every client to prove the value of my approach upfront).

Initially we had contracted together on just for the SEO proposal, but this client was able to see that although some things like SEM Rush keyword research they could do on their own, my experience as a consultant made it vastly easier to go in and quickly deliver these priority SEO items step-by-step:

– Keyword research (detailed keyword analysis color-coded by keyword type/usage)
– SEO Page Title/Meta description/H1/h2 optimization (spreadsheet)
– Site Audit: Search Console check, technical SEO tactics (301 redirects, etc), structural SEO

I saw the opportunity they had in their search market, and wanted to be as flexible as I could to deliver the above in pieces rather than all at once in a “step-1 package” (what I typically offer new clients). But the deliverables were the same.

And you can see the results as we went along in this Search Console data (screenshots).

Also of note is that these most recent two clients were on platforms I don’t have a ton of experience on: Squarespace and BigCommerce. Shopify and WordPress are the two that I have done more varied, in depth projects on. But while I have apps & plugins to aid in implementation for both WordPress/Shopify, my process itself has been proven to be platform-agnostic… and so are the results!


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