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BigCommerce SEO & development package (6-11/19)

Last Updated July 7, 2020

How I helped an e-commerce business with lots of customer love (and reviews) overcome BigCommerce-specific challenges.


Business: improve site traffic & revenue from with an implementation-based approach to organic search growth
E-commerce: replace the default BigCommerce reviews system with an app solution that encouraged more reviews for a product that customers nearly unanimously loved (see this page, for example) and was more SEO-friendly
SEO: improve on e-commerce search targets with onsite optimizations in the short-term, resolve product Schema markup errors, and lead developer-based solutions where the BigCommerce framework was limited

The Way Forward

June–November 2019: One of the services I’m offering now for BigCommerce & Shopify clients is custom development to resolve SEO and/or site speed issues – for these e-commerce platforms where you’re often able to do less yourself than with a more flexible platform like WordPress (though WP also has its disadvantages), I’ll work hand-in-hand with a developer who’s an expert at making code customizations for improved page loading, technical SEO fixes, and in Laser Perfect Gifts’ case, for both site speed and some minor design fixes that I could include in the same package.

One of the biggest SEO tasks for this particular e-commerce client though was to resolve Product Schema markup errors – if you’re an e-commerce store owner, you may have seen this pop up in Google Search Console>Enhancements>Products. Any markup errors associated with reviews will prevent star ratings from displaying in search, and in my e-commerce SEO experience you definitely want to fix ANY “errors” in red (“Warnings” in orange don’t impact performance nearly as much, if at all).

I worked with BigCommerce app developer support on reviews, made progress in site speed with the expert BC developer I’d hired, and did onsite optimizations myself based off keyword research to rank for niche product searches. Overall there was a lot of complexity and moving pieces, and I’m proud to have made an impact for them.

BigCommerce as a platform isn’t always this hard to work with, but after this and a couple other recent BC projects I certainly have an in-depth understanding of the ins & outs of what you’re actually able to do with it as far as site speed and product reviews go, both critical to e-commerce SEO success.


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