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Airline website SEO/UX & brand consulting (10/15)

How I performed a sitewide SEO/UX audit and branding assessment for the low-cost Saudi Arabian airline in one week.


Business: offer high-level input on the FlyNas brand that business decision makers could easily understand and communicate
Branding/UX: make specific, prioritized site suggestions globally and on a page-by-page level to help with brand cohesiveness and identity… and tie the input to improved user experience
UX/SEO strategy: help the airline improve focus on SEO with a step-by-step approach they could implement realistically

The Way Forward

October 2015: I found FlyNas through the freelance site, and worked hand-in-hand with a project manager to offer both quick-hitting strategy input and big-picture insight that could help the airline’s website improve:

• #1: User experience
• SEO (on-page & off-page)
• Brand identity and cohesiveness

To do this work in under a week, I first of all clearly established expectations with FlyNas as to what I could deliver: an easy-to-understand overview of site suggestions from a brand perspective, as well as a site audit informed by branding, UX and SEO.

I got to work, with the primary goal to give them an effective strategy to help improve their booking flow – plus design aspects that I saw right away were missing focus on user experience. To do this, I needed to communicate to two types of people:

• Dev lead or technical manager
• Business decision maker

Thus two separate documents, one focused on high-level brand insight and the other a detailed, page-by-page audit.

Competitive analysis helped greatly. I used screenshots in the branding assessment (pictured) to show FlyNas why it was so important to simplify their global navigation, for example. It was also important to stress in the site audit why using different CSS on their site had led to a less-than-ideal booking experience.

Overall I was able to beat expectations on what I delivered, with SEO keyword research to further justify recommendations. I love doing work like this where I can deliver for clients in a short amount of time!


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