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Local SEO efforts in a hyper-competitive market (4–11/2019)

Last Updated July 7, 2020

How my WordPress package helped both boost and sustain local search efforts for a Seattle IT services company.


Business: increase leads from organic search traffic, boost new customer inquiries and improve overall site conversion % (contact form fills)
Local SEO: identify low hanging fruit to improve for relevant “seattle” searches both onsite & offsite, implement in WP or provide steps for implementation
SEO: boost keyword relevancy, educate internal team members on organic search best practices, resolve technical SEO issues in WordPress, and handoff detailed strategy & competitor analysis, all in a contained scope (several rounds of package work)

The Way Forward in a Crowded Local Search Market

April–November 2019: For Dynamic Computing, I saw when we started in April that the path to SEO success would require communicating with them on how to optimize their existing site content for keyword relevancy, overall just make their site design more SEO friendly, and fixing some of the cumbersome technical issues that I was able to fix myself thanks to the flexibility of the WordPress platform. It was nice to discover that I had a client who was receptive to learning more themselves about SEO, and a big part of the effort became about client education.

Some of the challenges they faced included a hyper-competitive local search market that I worked to overcome with a detailed strategy, steps for offsite improvements, and competitor analysis focused on a number of different ways they could improve site authority. Not all of these tactics are in the SEO “book”, but any SEO consultant you hire should have an intuitive, real-world understanding of how Google is actually responding per the current search market.

Competitors are a huge part of this: if your competitor is actively blogging (3-4 times a month, or even a week, depending on what market you’re in) for example and at the top of the pack, chances are you should be looking at blogging to shore up your site’s authority on relevant keyword topics, too. It doesn’t have to be a ‘monkey see, monkey do’ approach necessarily; but if you work with a professional who knows their stuff, you can effectively emulate – not steal – the SEO tactics your competitors are doing right.

I delivered a way forward for Dynamic Computing to sustain their organic growth with internal team resources – most important, I think – and also made a lesser, but still positive near-term impact on their local search positions, so I look on my time consulting for them as both a success and a teaching moment as far as how competitive local SEO can be.

Client Feedback

“Nate’s WordPress audit & strategy package was very helpful for our business. He was extremely detailed and thoughtful in his approach, and customized his work around our specific SEO situation. We’ve seen more leads from organic search over the past couple of months than we have in the prior 18 months, so we feel like we got a great value for the money we spent working with him. We plan to continue our relationship with Nate into the future.” ★★★★★ ~ Kevin G., Jul 28, 2019 


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