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Local SEO Squarespace package (9/18)

How I helped a Squarespace client achieve local SEO success with my site audit/ SEO strategy package.


Business: make immediate SEO improvements and set up a newly launched Squarespace site for sustained organic growth
Local SEO: improve ranking for local “NYC” & hyperlocal searches (onsite/offsite work), doing the necessary SEO for a location-based business using my audit/strategy package
SEO: streamline optimization with my site audit deliverable, and quickly resolve their technical SEO issues with the Squarespace template

The Way Forward

September 2018: Diamond Shot was referred to me by another New York City client who I’d helped overcome SEO issues and improve ranking following a Squarespace migration. For Diamond Shot, the situation was different – they were essentially starting from scratch in terms of search presence, and needed help establishing visibility in their target market A) within the hyperlocal ‘long island city’ market and B) more broadly, for target “NYC” photography searches.

Keyword research was especially helpful to gauge local search interest for their target photography searches and establish the best way forward to target in terms of onsite optimization. And the Squarespace implementation I did covered all their bases as a starting or “step 1” SEO package: technical SEO, keyword optimization, structural SEO and content. I also provided detailed strategy to optimize their social media, niche & local directories around keyword targets, and serve as a roadmap to success over the next 3-4 months.

In the screenshots above, you can see results per how Google Search Console measures search performance (organic clicks/impressions).


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