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Shopify e-commerce SEO package (9-11/19)

Last Updated July 7, 2020

What works for e-commerce SEO in 2020? How I moved the needle for a brand-new Shopify store in organic search.


Business: build brand visibility organically by capitalizing on niche product differentiation in a growing search market
SEO: utilize Shopify-specific solutions to boost onsite authority, identify new short- and long-term search market opportunities and gain credibility onsite & offsite

The Way Forward

September–November 2019: I took Kbosh Food on as a package-based client with the understanding they had a good product in a niche but crowded market, and as an immediate SEO step just needed to get the good word out. So I proposed my onsite/offsite package as the most efficient way to proceed in steps so that I gave them a lot of Shopify implementation (including Shopify apps to target specific onsite tactics like seeking onsite reviews) upfront, was based on a solid keyword research and competitor research, and would set up directly for ongoing retainer work to keep building the brand and that needle moving up.

Implementation was a bit frustrating with this client – there were issues with logins, Search Console access, all normal stuff, but it also meant that some items got handed off for approval but still remain in a holding pattern. But the #1 thing that we did get installed for onsite SEO was the app I recommend to all Shopify e-commerce clients, It definitely made it a seamless process to get customer reviews on a product customers love.

Now I have multiple /products/ pages ranking above the fold for these niche pizza-crust searches with star-rating rich snippets; and a lot of the strategy and audit findings just remain to be implemented for continued organic growth.

Client Feedback

“Nate is an absolute pleasure to work with. His communication is clear, concise, and friendly. Extremely intelligent, you can really tell he knows what he’s doing and is great at it. He even went above and beyond, providing additional information/resources that he thought would be helpful outside the contract. P.S. All data, information, and overviews were color-coded and labeled for organization, prioritization, and efficiency. Highest recommendations.” ★★★★★ ~ Schyler H., Oct 26, 2019 


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