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Local biz technical & onsite SEO package (9-10/17)

How I got a quick win for my client with this technical/onsite SEO consulting package tailored around their needs.


Business: improve organic traffic and appearance in SERPs (search engine result pages) with the desired pages showing for geomodified business searches
SEO: clean up Google’s index of the site, provide an actionable list of fixes, and strategically target business-critical keywords

The Way Forward:

September-October 2017: While Oklahoma City Self-Storage’s site was hosted on a custom-built platform that didn’t allow me to do SEO implementation myself, by keeping the focus on quick-win technical SEO tasks that could be easily handed off to their platform provider I was able to make a significant impact in a few weeks.

I delivered a site audit and strategy to my client as part of my packaged SEO consulting approach that gave them a “lay of the land” for their site’s search presence and opportunities for growth, and was able to move them up into more desirable page-1 positions in Google search with:

• Keyword optimized page titles & H1s
• Rel=canonical tag added to indicate “HTTPS” preferred
• Pages unwanted in search excluded with Robots.txt
• Fixing 301 redirect chains
• Revising XML sitemap and resubmitting

Their site was/is also in major need of a responsive (mobile friendly) upgrade that would improve their position in mobile search. I consulted on the best path forward for this, and was able to help them set expectations for a more intensive site redesign.

This was a small project, but as you can see Google did respond to this needed technical work. Although as of December they haven’t yet switched to responsive, I see the site is on p. 1 (#5 when I checked) for their target search term “storage units okc” — up from #12 when the project was initiated.


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