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Responsive redesign: content, UX (2–3/16)

How I helped a local Chicago agency create and optimize 70+ pages of content for their client’s mobile-friendly redesign & new app in under six weeks.


• SEO: optimize page titles & more using keyword research, among other on-page tactics
• UX: deliver on-page UX for the new responsive site to help establish site standards for a mobile-friendly customer experience
• Branding: write headlines and creative copy that reinforced Keiser’s brand image as an innovator and industry leader
• Business: attract and retain customers!

The Way Forward

February–March 2016: With lots of experience in site-wide redesigns under my belt, I was excited when Plan B Agency, a local Chicago agency, approached me about taking on content strategy and writing for Keiser, a large fitness equipment manufacturer.

As with most redesign projects like this where there are a ton of moving pieces, I sought to minimize the potential for error upfront by putting an emphasis on process efficiency. Creating a direct, step-by-step content strategy, I worked with the agency to outline:

• Process for following the master content doc, the SEO approach, and what it would contain
• User experience input (on-page): hide/show functionality, wireframe refinements
• Product page taxonomy & design direction for descriptions
• Internal body-text deep linking strategy for SEO

The launch date was six weeks away when I started, so I knew we were working with an aggressive timeline – another reason to clearly establish expectations upfront. And there was a Sales App included in the deliverables too!

I had my work cut out to create 70+ pages of mobile-friendly sales app and website content (pictured) in addition to the strategy work we’d decided on above. It was also a challenge that designers and creative directors were leading layout direction on some pages, we had wireframes for others, and I had to essentially concept layout for the remaining pages using existing material as templates.

We pulled it off, though – thanks to the bright minds involved and an efficient, well-structured workflow, everything came together in the final week and I’m very happy with the results.


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