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How I helped lead and implement digital strategy across Walgreens Specialty & Walgreens Health microsites.


Content & SEO strategy: improve visibility and usability of health content using SEO best practices and well-thought strategy (audits, taxonomy)
Business: deliver finished, user-friendly and device-agnostic site layout (UX) and useful content (UX, SEO) that reflects positively on the brand
UX: add UX enhancements where possible

The Way Forward

When I was hired for a year-long contract by Walgreens eCommerce in 2013 (which subsequently got extended thanks to some priority platform redesign work they needed help on), my job duties there quickly became pretty wide ranging…

August 2013–June 2014: For Walgreens Digital Health, for example, I:

• Worked with marketing and UX teams to help redesign Walgreens’ Medicare section, including creative & layout (8–10/13)
• Created a “what’s new” overlay for redesigned Health Information section to highlight new features in a clean, simple display (2/14)
• Implemented SEO-justified content strategy, collaborated on UX design, wrote banners, meta and descriptions for Health Info mobile- and tablet-friendly redesign (7/14)

June–December 2014: With this on-the-job UX experience, starting in June 2014 I was able to take on redesign work for Walgreens Specialty where I worked hand-in-hand with a single designer to deliver finished comps.

For the Walgreens infusion business’s new microsite, for example, I put a user-focused digital strategy into practice – adding UX enhancements where we could, and coordinating the creative review with stakeholders. I also refreshed all content so it better fit in a digital format, organizing by sub-headings with an eye for SEO.

In September, I worked to streamline Walgreens Specialty’s site content, simplified navigation, added a Services page, and made revisions for SEO.

And for Specialty’s massive redesign of a cystic fibrosis pharmacy microsite, from February–December 2014 I also teamed with another content strategist, UX lead and designer to:

• Audit, prioritize and port existing web content from the old site (pictured)
• Create new link taxonomy and navigation
• Coordinate SEO approach (meta, titles), write creative copy, and concept and implement the new mobile-friendly layout


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