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SEO Guides

Looking for "how-to" SEO?

Download a .PDF guide here.

Need to optimize your site for Google?

These approachable guides, written in easy steps for SEO beginners — and particularly for WordPress users — make the technical aspects of optimizing your site itself (performance, crawl, indexing, etc.) well within reach for anyone with a little digital know-how. Just add great (search optimized) content!

https wordpress guide
WordPress SSL: Easy HTTP>HTTPS Guide (PDF)
Site Speed + More Technical SEO Pitfalls (PDF)
Site Optimization Checklist: The Basics (PDF)

Offsite, there’s plenty more you can do to ‘build’ links that send signals to the major search engines, like Google and Bing, that your website is an authority presence. We’ll continue to add more how-to PDFs to the above.


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