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How can we help you? Take a look at Path Digital SEO, conversion optimization, e-commerce, brand consulting, digital marketing and user experience (UX) services offered and see a pricing table below.

SEO & Paid Search

SEO success in 2018 takes sound, sustainable strategy, a big-picture approach, and good ol’ fashioned hard work. Download our SEO ‘growth path’ (.jpg) and see a list of service packages & per-project pricing below.

E-Commerce Optimization

Eyes on the prize: with a 360° view of analytics & browsing behaviors, we’ll identify revenue opportunity gaps, learn what makes your target shoppers click, and set up a clear path to success.

Marketing/ Brand/ UX

In order to beat the competition in today’s digital landscape, your site doesn’t just have to “work” — it HAS to delight and impress your users. We’ve got the path to help you build a brand online that lasts.

``What makes your approach better?``

In each service package, Path Digital offers: Big-picture strategic insights. Technical, marketing and tactical SEO know-how. Search- and user-friendly input to engage site visitors. The leanest, most efficient process out there. (Repeat.)

Service Pricing


Package $ quote*

  • Customized around your unique site situation & business goals
  • Site audit (prioritized tasks) and SEO strategy (opportunity analysis, next steps) delivered for ALL new clients
  • Add-ons: Search Console setup, SEO copywriting, offsite SEO, WordPress implementation, more



  • A simple, flat rate
  • Any digital service(s) you see described above, delivered “ad hoc”
  • Step 1 package is recommended instead for new clients (exceptions can include SEO labor for domain/site migrations)


Per project*

  • Contract extension after initial working agreement (step 1)
  • Can include local SEO efforts, HTTPS switch, e-commerce optimization, content marketing/backlink building, much more
  • Each new phase contained upfront in a scope of work proposal

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*Note: All work initiated requires a contract with e-signature indicating valid working agreement between both parties. Path Digital Services is legally protected and ethically responsible to provide you with the best service possible.

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