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Full-Service SEO

Path Digital

Welcome to a better way forward: Path Digital offers platform-driven SEO consulting services to help you confidently grow your small to midsize business or agency with minimal upfront risk. Let's work together to make sure your target customers find you. Take the first step and get a quote on your project today!

★★★★★ ~ Kevin G., 7/28/19

SEO & More Digital Services

Give your online reach a boost.

Get an onsite/offsite SEO package customized to fit your site's unique situation, or choose just the digital services you need. With a step-by-step process and detailed, 100% transparent proposal upfront, Path Digital's tested project-based approach is designed to get the job done right — and within your budget.

Step-1 SEO Projects

    A full suite of services for new clients – site performance (technical SEO) to offsite.

    Migration SEO Strategy + Mapping

      Moving to a new platform or domain? Get platform-specific oversight for SEO success.

      E-commerce Optimization (CRO)

        Proven onsite & marketing tactics to set up and improve on conversion/ revenue goals.

        Brand Strategy/ Marketing/ UX

          Big-picture focus on your brand, with an eye for user experience & customer engagement.

          SEO that works:

          SEO that fits your business.

          In 2020, search optimization is all about meeting expectations of your users: the real people searching for and interacting with your site. To that end, a USER-first strategy is what will set you up for sustainable organic search success.

          Backed by 15+ years in real-world experience optimizing WordPress, Squarespace, and e-commerce platforms including Shopify & BigCommerce, Path's starting recommendation for every new client is a low-investment, platform-specific onsite/offsite package that's tailored to your specific needs, improves core value, and boosts visibility in just a few weeks.

          Q: Why is ``packaged`` SEO the best fit for most small/midsize businesses?

          A: Our 'step 1' package not only contains ALL immediate onsite/offsite priorities for any site situation in a 2-4 week scope of work, it also includes implementation and leverages the strengths of your specific platform.

          While SEO is an ongoing effort, the heavy lifting is always at the beginning — especially to resolve performance issues or get a new site off the ground in organic search. From there, next steps will involve content creation, offsite SEO (directory submissions, for ex.), search analytics reporting, and more extensive onsite efforts (like around reviews/testimonials).

          Stay Up to Speed

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          Recent Work

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          About Path Digital

          Behind the Work

          Nate Holman

          Nate Holman

          SEO Consultant

          A Chicago-based independent digital consultancy with small to midsize business and agency clients across the U.S. and worldwide, Path Digital Services offers new clients packaged, results-oriented SEO and more digital services, specializing in WordPress, Squarespace, and e-commerce platforms including Shopify & BigCommerce.


          I consult on websites of all types and sizes, but my focus in 2020 and beyond is on helping small to midsize businesses and agencies grow via organic search: each “package” offers you full-service strategy & platform implementation to both drive immediate results and sustain long-term growth. This process is built to work around the specific web platform you’re using and implementation-focused to keep the needle moving up. Every new client I work with starts on a per-project basis, so you only pay for what you need. Read more ›


          Client Feedback

          'If you are looking for someone to do SEO, Nate is your guy. It wouldn't be worth the risk using anyone else! He understands the complexity of SEO and is able relay that back so effortlessly to business owners.'

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