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Niche law firm client: helped a new practice build with +2700% organic growth

For this new law practice in a niche market, we were excited to see our SEO approach pay off.

Search Console shows the exponential climb for this WordPress site from April-August – climbing 1400% in organic visibility (views/day) – with an eventual +2700% visibility after 9 months.

1New solo practice hires Path Digital to gain traction for niche searches, and we confirm an opportunity to help them grow based on keyword research

2 Strategy + implementation: we utilize a combination of straightforward page-level SEO and creative site authority tactics, including WP implementation for an efficient 2-month push of onsite/offsite work

3 Organic visibility for the client grew ~1400% from April (when views/day were averaging under 100) to August (1.5K views/day)


  • Business: establish a brand new law practice in L.A. area with a statewide focus on disability law
  • SEO: identify a way to boost practice visibility from zero with keyword research & targeting, as well as a sustainable approach for onsite/offsite authority improvements
  • Onsite SEO (site authority): identify and implement a winning strategy to improve ‘california’ relevancy for niche targets, leveraging our expertise in WordPress

Client Feedback

“Nate’s work gave my website a big boost in SEO, thanks Nate! Was a pleasure working with him- very professional- and would highly recommend him.”
★★★★★ ~ James D., Apr 21, 2022 

The Way Forward
March–June 2021: This was a great SEO project with a California attorney who had just launched a new solo practice to help those with disabilities secure state protective services, and needed a concerted effort to check off all the boxes:

  • Keyword targeting
  • Onsite authority
  • Content efforts
  • Offsite visibility

We love working with SMB situations like this where a business owner has the vision, foresight and dedication to seeing their business idea through, and just needs our expertise for the organic strategy piece – plus the ability to get quality work done quickly (we know the strengths and weaknesses of the WordPress platform inside & out).

Given its flexibility and range of solutions it offers, WordPress is always a compelling choice for SMB’s who need a site with at least a few Service pages and an active blog. But WP as a platform also introduces unique challenges around technical SEO & site speed (not the least of which involves choosing a good web host). And then there’s the challenge of building from zero: how do you get Google to recognize the authority of a brand new site?

These are the hurdles common to new WordPress sites, but they are not insurmountable.

Here’s how you do it:

  • Identify your niche opportunity areas with the help of SEO (keyword research & targeting), starting with least competitive targets first
  • Implement solutions to help your site authority (e.g. reviews, “how to” & guide content, directory listings – all of the above done for IHSS Law)
  • Technical SEO: eliminate duplication & low quality issues, ensure all pages are well optimized with good linking, + no blockers on the technical side
  • Search relevancy: continue to tell Google with onsite/offsite tactics how you’re topically relevant for your “core” searches, including with long-tail targeting related to products/ service areas

This is also a case study for Upwork as a freelancer platform, I think; even for those clients who don’t have a need for ongoing work past the initial project, we love meeting people this way. (As I’ve mentioned here and here.) There’s always a way to start small with Upwork as a tool for introductions, show what quality SEO work looks like, and build up from here.

I was glad to meet James and have the opportunity to prove out our SEO process for new websites. Projects like this reaffirm WHY we do what we do.

We’ll never over-promise or tell you it will be easy, but you can see your business vision through with an SEO partner like Path Digital, and we want to help prospective clients like this. Contact us here for more details and to get a proposal for your site’s SEO today.

Client Feedback

“Nate’s WordPress audit & strategy package was very helpful for our business. He was extremely detailed and thoughtful in his approach, and customized his work around our specific SEO situation. We’ve seen more leads from organic search over the past couple of months than we have in the prior 18 months, so we feel like we got a great value for the money we spent working with him. We plan to continue our relationship with Nate into the future.” ★★★★★ ~ Kevin G., Jul 28, 2019 

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