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WordPress redesign + SEO = +1650% organic visibility, +1900% organic traffic

SEO results from this WordPress redesign done right exceeded expectations on all sides.

Search Console performance: +1650% organic visibility, + 1900% organic traffic sustained through 6 months.

1WordPress redesign: dental practice sees opportunity to make user experience & conversion % improvements driven by SEO

2 We oversee the redesign efforts, eliminate technical SEO and page loading issues, and set up for sustainable growth with a long-term onsite/offsite strategy backed by keyword research

3 Organic traffic grew 1400% from November 2020–January 2021, improvement of 1900% sustained through May 2021


  • Business: successfully launch new WordPress site redesign and improve new patient bookings
  • Branding:improve brand impression of dental practice with a better online experience for new/existing patients
  • Conversion Optimization:> make it easier for patients to book online
  • SEO: sustain existing search performance through the site redesign and build on existing local ‘princeton’ search positions

The Way Forward

November 2020–present: We originally contracted with Canal Vista Family Dental to help them with the SEO side of a WordPress redesign – there were a lot of moving pieces and new Services content being added, and they knew they needed SEO help.
They wanted to work with an expert, and I emphasized upfront that by doing this the right way and accounting for SEO beforehand, my goal would not just be to transfer search value from pre- to post-launch 1:1 but actually improve Google rank and performance.

With the latest algorithm updates for site quality, Google bot is getting better at recognizing and responding to improvements made to site experience, so we have confidence in this regard (backed up by client experience).

Not only did we uncover and resolve many SEO issues with the redesigned site in staging before launch, we also helped boost onsite quality through the following

  • New WP plugins to assist with page-level SEO and patient review feedback
  • Image SEO and site speed fixes
  • Page level content improvements (for both conversion % AND keyword targeting)

After seeing the pre-launch picture and getting into the nitty gritty, I knew our SEO approach would really help this client grow, but I wasn’t expecting just how much organic growth we saw in a very short time.

  • Visibility: ~2K daily views in November 2020 -> 21K impressions in January ‘21
  • Traffic: ~30-40 clicks/day in 11/20 to +600 in 1/21

Needless to say, the results defied everyone’s expectations – and thanks to proactively identifying how to grow organically post-launch, we also had a solid SEO plan to sustain the growth. Four months later in May, we had reached +800 clicks and +35K impressions.

Also important: how we approached follow-up with Canal Vista. While they’re now an ongoing retainer client, they were not an immediate fit for monthly work and we had to prove the value of our SEO process over time (with onsite/offsite “packages” in spring 2021 and again in November ‘21).

2023 UPDATE: Canal Vista has seen continued local search success and upwards momentum that’s translated to long-term growth in their business. We are proud to count them as a retainer client.

Client Feedback

“Nate is an expert in onsite SEO and that was obvious to me very quickly. I spoke and worked with other consultants in the past, but Nate knowledge in this field was simply superior. His communication skills were top notch, very detailed, and very timely. I felt quickly very comfortable with his approach on how to improve onsite SEO. I am extremely satisfied with the work he has done and completed for me and would recommend him to anyone who wants to improve onsite SEO” ★★★★★ ~ Sofiane O., Nov 8, 2023 


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