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+400% visibility: organic brand building for a food service distributor (2-5/20)

How SEO Helped Build a New Seafood Brand from the Ground Up.

For this food distributor, we delivered immediate improvements + a strategy to keep their SEO going.

1 Identify & optimize for starting niche keyword targets

2 Build authority onsite around core searches

3 Deliver 400% visibility increase over six months


Business/branding: build a new seafood brand from the ground up (brand new website)
SEO: identify ‘wholesale’ and more keyword opportunities around their unique product niche, put together in-depth strategy for recipe & blog content, identity ways to build authority (below)
Site authority: build authority with improved content, including emphasis on reviews – reference competitor analysis

Client Feedback

“Nate was very professional, really took the ball and ran with what we needed. Included implementation, future practices, changes to our website.” ★★★★★ ~ Chris D., Mar 26, 2020 

The Way Forward

February–March 2020: Oishii Shrimp had a new website with no visibility, with some relatively low volume, but still valuable search terms to go after (“wholesale,” sustainable” etc). With the site’s design & layout, there were only a few existing pages but I was able to keyword-target effectively with what we had, prioritizing the searches that would make the biggest starting impact for their brand.

This is the one and only project we’ve done using Duda, a platform that is similar to Webflow or Wix and makes implementation fairly straightforward. Some of the biggest opportunities I found were onsite authority tactics we could use to improve quality of content and boost user experience, and were based on competitor analysis:

  • Onsite reviews/testimonials
  • Landing page creation to build authority around certain keyword topics

Competitor analysis was also a big help on the strategy side. This is one of the most effective tactics to leverage for offsite SEO – you can uncover quite a lot this way, including for specific backlink strategies. As with all Path Digital clients, there is always a lot we can implement ourselves, regardless of platform; but offsite starts with strategy first so that you are informed about how to best target quality sites your target searchers would expect to find you linked from.

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“name”: “Organic brand building for a food service distributor”
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