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Women’s Apparel Shopify SEO & Brand Building: +1900% organic visibility (4-11/20)

Major Shopify eCommerce win for a women’s apparel store with a mission.

Our SEO process for e-commerce clients is designed to both immediately boost visibility and grow the brand long-term.

1Plan & lead e-commerce efforts like product review SEO that also help build the brand organically

2 Boost onsite authority with search-relevant content & site structure, offsite brand visibility with listing work

3 Increase search visibility 500% from April–July, +1900% by November


Business: successfully launch Shopify store, generate e-commerce revenue and introduce new women’s-specific apparel brand to female mountain bikers
Branding: make a great initial brand impression, win repeat customer loyalty
SEO: build organic search positions from zero
Conversion Optimization: build “customer proof” through emphasis on product reviews
Onsite & Technical SEO (Shopify): boost keyword relevancy and click-through %, address site URL & navigation issues, improve loading time
Offsite SEO: seek partner relationships, sponsor & listing opportunities

The Way Forward

April–November 2020: I initially met the owner of Revel Rider through Upwork, and we contracted together for a trial run through this platform (I’ve used Upwork in various capacities, and recommend it as a great tool for client introductions and finding new freelance talent). I could tell she had quality products to sell along with a compelling brand story – and checking this search market using the tool SEMRush I importantly also knew the opportunity was there.

We just needed a big initial onsite/offsite SEO push to get the site off the ground!

Because the site was built on Shopify, I knew we could build customer review “proof” by leveraging the app on her /products/ pages – Shopify is my e-commerce platform of choice for SEO mainly because of how extensive its app market is for store owners, it allows you quite a bit beyond out-of-the-box theme functionality.

Besides product reviews, another important aspect for onsite authority involved creating more keyword-relevant /collections/ and adding more depth & linking to the site from a structural SEO perspective, as well as relevant blog posts to most effectively meet long-tail search interest and create new entry points for organic traffic. And the site also needed some custom development work to boost site speed.

Looking back at 2020 performance data, it took 3-4 months of e-commerce SEO to get the site consistently over 200 organic impressions/day by July (see screenshoot #1). We then contracted together again in fall 2020 for follow-up work to build quality backlinks, among other long-term efforts.

Even without a dedicated ongoing SEO effort in ‘21, the store was able to gradually build positions from there – finally getting to 1K daily impressions (screenshoot #2) by April 2021.

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