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Our biggest eCommerce SEO win yet: +900% traffic with 2021 Shopify store launch

We established success with a ‘trial’ project, then moved to ongoing SEO.

Our work for this client also saw a +1650% Google visibility improvement from near zero within 9 months.

1Set Shopify store up for success with a bulletproof plan to build organic traffic the right way: quality content, search-relevant site experience, customer “review proof” and offsite strategy

2 Drive search visibility with keyword research, SERP optimizations, technical SEO (indexing), offsite brand visibility work and much more

3 Increase organic search traffic by 900% from August 2020–March 2021, search visibility +1650% by June 2021


Business: launch a new ecommerce store capitalizing on success with YouTube engagement, quickly generate revenue and build a brand with appeal to candle maker hobbyists & suppliers based on a unique creative aesthetic
Branding: appeal to a customer type who cares about quality candle supply products and gain loyal customer base in wholesale markets
SEO: build organic search positions from near-zero: keyword targeting, site structure, offsite SEO, content, more
Conversion Optimization: install & implement an automated Shopify review solution to build “customer proof” through emphasis on product reviews, implement various other solutions for engagement and repeat purchases
Onsite & Technical SEO (Shopify): boost keyword relevancy and click-through %, address site URL, theme and navigation bugs/issues, improve speed & mobile usability

The Way Forward

September 2020–August 2023: similar to some other great e-commerce SEO projects, I first met the owner of Sixteen Seventeen Candle Supply through the freelancer platform Upwork, which I’ve found is a great tool for Path Digital Services to test out our SEO process/methodology in “trial” projects that then set up for larger investments once value is established.

If you’re like Vanessa, you want a reliable consultant you can trust to demonstrate exactly what SEO can do (with a focus on implementation solutions for your particular platform – in this case Shopify) to help build your brand organically. Starting a new business is daunting enough on its own! Rather than trying to cut corners, by hiring a qualified expert who backs up their claims with client reviews and project case studies you’ll have the best chance of navigating the complexities of organic search with an SEO “partner” per se.

So what worked?_

  • Content strategy & site structure based on effective, actionable keyword research (don’t leave this part out of your SEO plan! We can’t stress enough how important keyword research still is in 2022 and are happy to explain more)
  • Strong offsite engagement through YouTube & social media
  • Customer reviews: you absolutely need a GOOD reviews solution for e-commerce SEO, and is our hands-down favorite for what it offers

What we have found at Path Digital is that clients really prefer to work one-on-one with a dedicated consultant and don’t have nearly as many positive things to say about using agencies for their SEO.

Please contact us online or at (872) 256-1610 to learn more – our site is currently being redesigned as of 2022, but you can still browse around there to find more on what differentiates our brand from bigger competitors.

Client Feedback

“Nate’s WordPress audit & strategy package was very helpful for our business. He was extremely detailed and thoughtful in his approach, and customized his work around our specific SEO situation. We’ve seen more leads from organic search over the past couple of months than we have in the prior 18 months, so we feel like we got a great value for the money we spent working with him. We plan to continue our relationship with Nate into the future.” ★★★★★ ~ Kevin G., Jul 28, 2019 


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