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2.5X visibility boost: optimizing a WordPress medical center site (3-5/20)

Project-based WordPress SEO delivers wins in visibility & brand impression.

With our SEO package format, we were able to ramp up growth in local search + other niche targets.

1 WordPress: fix technical issues & improve structural SEO

2 Boost local search market relevancy

3 Increase organic visibility 150% over three months


Business: reclaim Google visibility for a site that hadn’t been updated in some time and needed a refresh
Local SEO: identify geomodified keywords that would be the biggest difference makers for the addition center, optimize their WP site without over-targeting, add new location page for improved local relevancy
Onsite SEO/site authority: strategize and create content around improved authority (including reviews), improve internal linking and navigation

The Way Forward

March–May 2020: The onsite/offsite package work we did for the Assisted Recovery Center of Georgia was a relatively quick project with a focus on local SEO. Right away we saw this client had some good reviews that would help overcome one negative Yelp review that was in the spotlight. Improving focus on the positive feedback and adding other content for onsite authority (including a new /savannah/ location page to better target the local search terms) were wins both for SEO and brand impression.

Some of the things that made the biggest difference in moving the need up from around 100-150 impressions/day in March to 400 at the end of April were:

  • Improved local relevancy (keyword targeting, location page)
  • Content creation around keywords for Services pgs (refreshed content, improved content quality)
  • Improved structural SEO (navigation, internal linking) & technical clean-up
  • Profile & directory listing optimization (offsite)

A couple tried & true WordPress plugins were a huge help in this work. While every search market is different, I think for a market like this it is well within reach to realize this type of impact with a dedicated SEO push… and I’d look at doctors & dental offices and law firms, for example, as similar location-based businesses from Google’s perspective. The competitiveness of the market will determine how fast you climb (if you’re in a large city vs. a small town, for example), but these are tactics we’ve seen work time and again in the last couple years for brick & mortars like these. Contact us to see how we can deliver quality SEO work to make an impact for your local business!

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