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WordPress “top secret” migration SEO tip: how to hack Yoast

Did you know that if you’re doing ANY site migration involving 301 redirects where the domain or URL structure changes (like Shopify > WordPress, >, that Google recommends you submit the old site’s XML sitemap(s) in the new (destination) site’s Search Console property? It’s true! I wonder how many SEO experts out there […]

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The power of “rel=canonical” for migration SEO

First, what is rel=canonical used for? The rel=canonical tag is a piece of HTML code inserted in the <head> to indicate to search engines the “master copy,” or canonical, URL to index where the same or very similar content exists across URL versions. It’s useful in cases like these: 1) When filters and other parameters […]

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WordPress SSL: the Easy HTTP to HTTPS Guide

Let’s look at an SEO topic that’s gotten increased coverage in the last six months due to a Google update in how Chrome displays the address bar: the HTTP to HTTPS site migration. If you’re in the digital world at all yourself, this isn’t new — but I’ve found surprisingly little in the way of a clear, […]

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